Discover the Power of AIMS 3 Automation

Hand on a dial turning it to automatic - Automation.

Discover the Power of AIMS 3 Automation

Improve Efficiency by Streamlining Workflows and Reducing Errors


Automation, a powerful feature in AIMS 3 that does not require programming, and can easily be set up using drop-down menus. With user-defined workflows, AIMS 3 lets users set up functionality and notifications for repetitive tasks. User-defined triggers can perform tasks that should occur in the software after a specific change has taken place.

Unlike other CMMS software, AIMS 3 Automation is included as a core component in our software so it doesn’t cost anything extra. Best of all, there is no additional programming or SQL knowledge needed. Automation can be set up by any user with access simply by selecting conditions from drop-down fields.

To set up automatic functionality and notifications, you simply need to select a single trigger. A trigger could be the value changing in a specific field, the deletion of a record, or any other user-defined event in AIMS 3. Once you have selected your trigger, you can add as many conditions and actions as needed for the software to execute.

As an example, you could set up an automated process to “trigger” based on the status of a work order. You can then select multiple conditions to be automatically set. If a PM work order status fails, you could issue a CM work order and send it to a specific team responsible for that equipment, change the status of that piece of equipment to “out of service”, and notify the team’s manager of the failure and the CM work order issued.

There are literally thousands of Automation processes you could set up. Automation in AIMS 3 is a powerful tool that will save you time and money while reducing the need for you and your staff to perform repetitive tasks. It will streamline workflows, ensure data accuracy, keep your staff up to date, and increase efficiency without you ever lifting a finger after it is setup.

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