Integrate AIMS With Your Third Party Software


Our interfaces serve as a gateway to other applications so you can easily share and update data both in and out of AIMS. We have partnered with many popular software platforms so AIMS users can take full advantage of our software. By implementing any of our integrations your organization can easily enhance the use of your CMMS software by accessing information collected by other applications.

The Power of Interfaces

Substantial work-flow improvements

Immediate access to information for timely decision making

Eliminate manual and duplicate data entry

Improve operational efficiency

Increase data accuracy through electronic data transfer

Simplify overall integration efforts

Interface Partners

We partner with a number of different vendors to provide our users with a variety of integrations to make their computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) more efficient. Our current list of interface partners allows you to chose from vendors that perform Cybersecurity, Purchasing, Device Testing, RTLS, and many more.


We also have the ability to provide you with custom interfaces that will allow you to integrate your AIMS software with any applications you are already using.

Types of Integrations


Cybersecurity interfaces provide visibility and protection for your IoT assets.  When a threat is detected, the device is quarantined and a Work Order is automatically created in AIMS. We have worked with Asimily, Palo Alto Networks, Medigate and more.


RTLS interfaces help locate equipment by automatically updating equipment locations inside AIMS.  AIMS then enters the exact equipment location at the time the Work Order was created. We have worked with Aeroscout, Agiletrac, Intelligent Insites, Midmark and others.


Automate and streamline IT processes to address clinicians’ needs. With a single platform, users are able to log and report HTM issues, incidents, and requests via the help desk. We have integrated with ServiceNow and Remedy.


Automate your procure-to-pay process with simplified ordering. Easily request parts, receive P.O.s, and sync data between your purchasing department and AIMS. We have worked with Lawson, McKesson, Peoplesoft and more.


AIMS 3 is an API driven software. We can integrate with any third party application or your own homegrown system. In addition to the integrations listed above we have interfaced with ERP systems, time clock apps and more.


AIMS 3 interfaces with ECRI Institute’s Sourcebase, UMDNS, and Alerts Tracker. The interface enables users to download the latest Sourcebase and UMDNS codes so your lists are always up to date. Then codes are linked to facilitate Alerts Tracker notifications. The latest Alerts are downloaded to AIMS, which identifies and displays the affected Tags. Work orders for those Tags are then created directly from the Alerts screen.


Standardize your device inspections. Import procedure templates, test results, and completion results from the application to AIMS, eliminating errors associated with manual data transfer. We have worked with Ansur, BC Group, Datrend, Meditech and others.


The oneSOURCE interface provides 24/7 access to thousands of up-to-date inspection, testing, and maintenance documents.  Users have the ability to find documents by instrument catalog number, manufacturer, or key word description – making it easy to keep manuals current for technicians all while within AIMS.


Order from your vendor directly through AIMS. Create new orders and review and maintain current orders. Parts ordered using the interface are automatically associated with the applicable AIMS work order. We have integrated with PartsSource and GE Parts.


Quickly send equipment life-cycle information from AIMS to your capital planning tool, thereby leveraging data for budget decisions and maintenance. We have worked with Stratajazz, Steris and more.

Interfaces we currently offer include:

Please contact us for information about AIMS 3, or if you would like to schedule a demonstration.