Better Management of Your HTM Department With AIMS 3

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Better Management of Your HTM Department With AIMS 3. Our Latest Platform Is Highly Functional, Compatible and Flexible. TechNation sat down with the team at Phoenix Data Systems to discuss their latest CMMS platform AIMS 3.


For Phoenix Data Systems, 2020 was a year of learning. We learned that working from home “works,” and that despite all of the trials and tribulations of the past year, we were able to come together while being apart, as a cohesive unit focusing on AIMS 3 – Phoenix’ newest version of the AIMS Software – and customer satisfaction and support, with scores soaring to a 98% satisfaction rate overall.

Stability, longevity and an unfailing ability to deliver are words used to describe Phoenix Data Systems, the AIMS CMMS provider serving hospitals for more than 35 years.

What started as a simple work order and equipment tracking software application in the early 1980s has grown to serve more than 3,000 customers worldwide.

The latest platform – AIMS 3 – is rich in feature functions, has dynamic reporting options, and unlimited interface opportunities, all of which streamline workflows. AIMS 3 is a complete software rewrite but continues to be scalable so you only purchase the system needed to get started, adding components and customizations as needs grow and budgets allow.

Some of the most notable features in AIMS 3 include:

  1. Browser Agnostic – Reach AIMS using any browser from a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  2. Resizable Screen – Fields auto-align to any screen resolution and device.
  3. User Specific Home Screen – Home screens will list work orders and charts specific to your assignments and daily workflow.
  4. Common Name Plate – A “sticky-display” will always be visible in the Equipment section displaying pertinent information for PMs and CMs, including work order number, requestor, request date, status, status date, type of work order and contact information.
  5. Common Equipment Information – A “sticky-display” will always be visible in the Work Order section displaying pertinent Equipment Information including tag number, manufacturer, model, equipment type, description, serial number, risk and status.
  6. Common Toolbar – Tools used in every component display in a new bar across the top of your screen, similar to the quick access bar in Microsoft products (save, add, delete, find, next, previous, etc.).
  7. Common Message Bar – Messages such as “under warranty” and “under contract” will be permanently displayed at the top of the appropriate components in plain text, no more symbols, or tooltips.
  8. Chat – Users have the ability to chat with one another inside of AIMS 3.
  9. “Another User is Viewing” Message – Notifications are sent when another user is viewing the same record as you. Additional notifications are sent if a change is made to that record, asking the user to refresh.
  10. Global Data Managers – All data managers can be global or non-global with the ability to be assigned to specific facilities or all facilities.

As AIMS 3 continues to be developed, with new features and functions added daily, it has already been installed in smaller hospitals with great success.

The Phoenix Approach

For more than 35 years, Phoenix’ mission has been to provide innovative, user-friendly, fully supported CMMS software to the health care industry. Phoenix is committed to creating software that works for AIMS users, giving them the features and functions to meet growing needs, while meeting industry mandates.

Phoenix also regularly solicits our customers for suggestions to improve their software. One of the ways Phoenix listens to customer needs is through 35 Annual User Symposiums. The 2020 User Symposium shifted from a standard in-person meeting to an interactive webinar format. The seven sessions ranging from Best Practices, to AIMS 3 and Superior Analytics offerings were wildly successful, with the highest attendance ever! Phoenix came away with numerous user-suggested improvements and discussion points that are already being considered for addition to the advancement of AIMS 3.

Another core strength and reason for ongoing success is Phoenix’ Customer Service and Technical Support Department. Phoenix is one of a handful of companies with a receptionist who answers all phone calls – even throughout 2020. Phoenix’ technical support services are the highest rated in the industry, with more than 95% of issues resolved during the first phone call. Phoenix’ “open door policy,” along with customer support surveys provide feedback so we can provide the best software, service and support experience for our users.

Whether you’re using AIMS as a single-user system or in a large multi-hospital system, once you choose AIMS, you’ll never search for another CMMS.

For more information about Phoenix Data Systems Inc. and AIMS, call 800-541-2467 or visit

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