Superior Analytics® is Phoenix’ proprietary software that quickly analyzes your CMMS to provide you with relevant data to determine the performance of your department in key areas. By pulling data from your own CMMS database, Superior Analytics will reveal significant opportunities for performance improvement and uncover potential cost savings.


Key data statistics provides you with meaningful data which can be compared to performance within your own multi-hospital IDN and to the AIMS family metrics.


This depth of information will provide your HTM department with accurate and up-to-date data, allowing you to make more informed business decisions regarding labor planning, PM scheduling, CM evaluation, COSR and more.

Superior Analytics will...

Work using any CMMS database - regardless of vendor

Find inconsistencies in your data

Report back to you on areas of inefficiency

Identify equipment not being used

Display data by specific hospital, department, manufacturer, model, or technician

Compare results to your accountability requirements and industry standards

No different than any other industry, the best HTM departments measure performance internally as well as externally, constantly comparing their performance to others of similar size and capability, using what they learn to improve their performance and create “best-in”class” standards that raise the bar for everyone.

The Superior Advantage

We use your data, so it reflects your situation

Areas of optimization will be recommended

No need for your personnel’s involvement

KPI comparison will uncover potential areas of inefficiency

Maximize the value of your CMMS system