Making A CMMS Implementation More Than Just Transferring Data

AIMS Conversion - Implementation

The key to any successful CMMS conversion and implementation is focusing on vital elements such as, continuous training, data mapping, data cleaning, and optimizing workflows by understanding how the user functions and the new CMMS operates.

At Phoenix Data Systems, implementation is done 100% in-house with no outsourcing and includes:

  • A  dedicated AIMS 3 Conversion Team
  • Early installation of the AIMS 3 software
  • Data gathering of customer processes and workflows
  • Conversion of your existing database to the AIMS 3 SQL database
  • Helping you clean your data
  • Integrations to third party software
  • Dress Rehearsal – We launch AIMS 3 and let your primary users validate and test the system with your data
  • Pre and post Go-Live training
  • Post Go-Live support

An important differentiator with Phoenix Data Systems is that our conversion and implementation process is quoted to the customer up front and the entire process is included in that fee.

We involve our customers during the entire process. We learn your workflows and make suggestions for improvements. We help you clean your data and provide training throughout the process, not just on your Go-Live day. We meet with your conversion team frequently and provide dedicated support anytime.

Integrations are started early in the implementation process because of the time needed to map data and thoroughly test communications. AIMS 3 can effectively integrate with any third party software because it was built on API calls.

Our proprietary conversion tool will effectively take ALL your data (or as much as you want) and insert it into the AIMS 3 SQL database. This tool is unique to Phoenix Data Systems and efficiently converts and maps data from any database. Then, we painstakingly test to ensure the quality of the converted data.

Your Phoenix Data Systems Conversion / Implementation Advantages

No Outsourced Conversions

Integrate With ANY Third Party Software

Man with a suit touching a technology cog - Conversion Implementation.

Proprietary Conversion Tool

All Conversion Costs Quoted Up-Front

After we have successfully converted a customer to AIMS 3, our Conversion Team remains with the customer for the first few weeks after implementation to ensure a smooth transition. Then, the customer is transitioned to a dedicated Technical Support Representative for ongoing support. We review with the customer and our team internally to determine what went well and what could be improved. This provides Phoenix with a mechanism for continuous improvement.

A successful implementation is more than just a conversion. It will set your team up to get the most out of your CMMS from day one and assures you will be taken care of into the future.

Please contact us for information about AIMS 3, or if you would like to schedule a demonstration.