The CMMS Software For Healthcare

About AIMS

AIMS (Asset Information Management System) is the preferred CMMS solution among healthcare professionals throughout the world. AIMS was developed with the assistance of 30 healthcare professionals from 14 Michigan hospitals and has served multi-facility healthcare organizations and single hospitals since 1984.


AIMS 3 is a scalable, web-based CMMS software made up of a variety of core components, optional components, and interfaces that provide solutions to meet the needs of your current operation and your needs in the future. With AIMS, users can access all aspects of their maintenance operation from any location with internet access, at any time. AIMS 3 is easy to learn and use, yet robust enough to accommodate the most demanding multi-facility organization. Whether you require a solution that is hosted on your server or one of Phoenix’s Cloud Solutions, AIMS 3 can be configured to meet your needs. It should also be noted that AIMS 3 is the CMMS software with a 97% customer satisfaction rating.

The AIMS Difference

Designed by users for users

Most complete feature-function healthcare CMMS available

Most user friendly CMMS in the healthcare industry

Adheres to CMS, TJC, and HIPAA requirements

Assists in reducing labor costs and heightening labor productivity

Simplifies administration activities and moves maintenance activities towards a paperless system

AIMS Firsts

  • Valid Entry Safeguards

    Valid Entry Safeguards are user-defined drop-down lists that ensure accurate and consistent data for key data points including equipment types, manufacturers and models.  Preventing non-standard data entry ensures your data conventions are adhered to and your data integrity remains intact and credible.

  • PM Risk Inclusion

    PM Risk Inclusion allows users to adjust PM Schedules based on risk factor.  Risk factors are determined through a user-defined point system and then assigned to equipment types.

  • Remote Laptop Field Access

    Remote Laptop Field Access was our first mobile solution!  It allowed users to take their laptops in the field and import data back into AIMS.

  • Data Managers

    Data Managers are AIMS “internal managers” ensuring entered data is standardized to your organization’s specifications.  Data Managers enforce the data integrity that is essential to obtaining complete and accurate reporting.  Using defaults, Data Managers minimize the need to enter repetitive data and the need to remember how to fill in specific fields.

  • Contracts Management

    Contracts Management allows you to manage all aspects of service contracts throughout their entire life cycle including contract terms, dates, equipment coverage and your provider’s performance. Numerous contract cost-to-value analyses are also provided.

  • Morning News - Automated Reporting

    Morning News allows you to schedule, automatically generate, and deliver any reports at recurring, pre-set intervals.  Reports can be e-mailed to managers, VIP’s, or technicians or sent to designated printers.

  • HIPAA Compliance Tracking

    AIMS HIPAA feature assists you in flagging and tracking HIPAA-IIHI equipment with the ability to sort and filter a variety of Reports by HIPAA-IHII Equipment.  The feature also allows you to ID and document employees who have HIPAA compliance training.

  • TJC Critical Alarm Compliance

    AIMS allows hospitals to provide critical history PM reports on life support equipment in order to meet and maintain TJC compliance.  This provides proof to TJC that all PM schedules for critical equipment have been completed.

  • Hazard Alerts

    Hazard Alerts allow users to flag certain equipment when it has been deemed faulty or a manufacturer has issued its recall.

  • Audit Trail

    Audit Trail tracks who, what and when Work Order fields are changed and creates Reports that record such changes.

  • ECRI Institute Alerts Tracker

    Alerts Tracker is a patient safety system that automates and enhances the alert and recall management process.  Alerts Tracker links AIMS Manufacturer Codes, Equipment Type and Sub-Type Codes with ECRI Institute Codes, allowing AIMS to match ECRI’s Alerts to the Manufacturer and Equipment Types in your AIMS software.

  • ECRI Institute UMDNS Interface

    UMDNS is a standardized list of Equipment Type Descriptions and Codes.  The interface allows you to link your existing Codes with the Sourcebase and UMDNS Codes to facilitate Alerts Tracker notifications.

  • Test Equipment Relationships

    Test Equipment Relationships allow users to hook up test devices to pieces of equipment.  The test device ensures that Equipment is safe and running at optimum levels.  In AIMS, users can see when test equipment was used to complete work and, specifically, what test equipment was used.

  • AEM Compliance

    AEM (Alternative Equipment Maintenance) Compliance provides an integrative way to facilitate and expedite your set up and ongoing AEM requirements.   This enhancement is based on the July, 2014 mandate from CMS and JCAHO that supersedes the 2011 decision requiring hospitals to follow manufacturer recommendations for equipment maintenance.

Please contact us for information about AIMS 3, or if you would like to schedule a demonstration.