Get The Support You Deserve


Phoenix Data Systems provides an extensive suite of services to ensure that your transition and on-going use of the AIMS product is successful.  Phoenix has the ability to fully support your software solution with world-class services including cloud solutions, IT management, implementation, training, customizations, conversions, ongoing customer support, report building and consulting.  Our Services are customizable and can be tailored to your organization’s precise needs.


Phoenix’ professionals have the experience and project management skills to quickly and effectively implement your AIMS solutions – maximizing ROI.  Our experienced Conversion and Implementation Specialists skillfully guide your migration to AIMS and minimize the disruptive nature of database conversions.


Implementation planning is designed to make your transition to AIMS seamless through the dedicated support from our Management Service Specialists.

The planning begins with an analysis and evaluation of your organization’s current system setup, daily use, and management decisions that are correlated with AIMS.  Once your Phoenix Implementation Specialist has an accurate assessment of your system, they will define timetables and provide a “Go Live” delivery date for the AIMS project. Supporting materials will also be provided throughout the implementation process in order to optimize project delivery and accomplish the business goals of your organization.


Data Conversions are an integral part of implementing a new system.  With AIMS, you will be assigned a Technical Support Specialist and a Software Engineer to ensure your Data Conversion and data transfer is flawless.  Having performed hundreds of conversions, Phoenix has developed a systematic approach that maximizes the value of your current data and transforms it into powerful information in AIMS that you can use to start moving your organization forward.

The Phoenix Conversion Approach includes a thorough review of the legacy data with field-by-field data mapping, sample conversion routines, rigorous testing, and verification between you and your Phoenix specialists.  All historical data is brought over to AIMS.


AIMS can be tailored to satisfy any customer’s need, from small enhancements to major product changes.  All customizations are developed with standard AIMS programing tools, which allows for a seamless carryover of all customized functionalities to all future releases of AIMS.  This ensures that you can continue to enjoy your customizations while benefiting from the upgrades and evolution of the AIMS software.


With Report Designer Service, the experts at Phoenix create custom reports for your organization.  You can also choose from over 200 reports in our Report Designer Library.  These Reports can be quickly and easily modified to meet your reporting objectives.


Our responsiveness and quality of support services are what separates us from other CMMS vendors.  With an overall satisfaction rate of 97%, AIMS’ Technical Support Team is unparalleled.  It is our service department’s goal to strengthen our users’ ability and utilize AIMS effectively.  Our in-house Technical Support Specialists provide application support for every aspect of AIMS, from simple tutorials to detailed system set ups.

Phoenix offers multiple levels of Technical Support, allowing you to select a support program that meets your organization’s needs, without paying for unnecessary support and services.

Each Annual Support Program includes:

  • Direct telephone access to the AIMS Technical Support
  • All AIMS version updates and maintenance releases (2-3 major releases per year)
  • Updated User Manuals
  • Installation and upgrade instructions and documentation

Technical Support hours are Monday-Friday 8 a.m. (EST) to 5 p.m. (EST)

Please contact us for information about AIMS 3, or if you would like to schedule a demonstration.