Core Components

AIMS Core Components provide the necessary tools to help you manage assets, standardize data, and transform your preventive maintenance program.  These components allow you to set up you maintenance schedules, users, security, reports, and more!


Equipment Information provides the necessary information to manage assets including history, risk, manufacturers, models, life-cycle costing, location, warranties, and more.


Work Orders track all work requests, from PMs, to repairs for in-house and contracted work, and non-contract labor and materials. Users can quickly create and dispatch work orders. Technicians can apply labor, materials, and notes.


Automatically generate PMs with user-defined filters.
Schedules can be managed globally by equipment type or model, per piece of equipment, using fixed or floating cycles, or consumed hours (metered).


Labor Productivity analyzes work order and non-work order activities, providing insight into employee efficiency, time allocation, and productivity.


Data Managers offer standardized data entry within the AIMS software. These internal managers, which we refer to as Valid Entry Safeguards, provide data consistency. User-defined drop down lists for key data points, such as equipment types and manufacturer/models, ensure enterprise wide data integrity for accurate reporting.


Use the Administration control to enter facility specific information, assign warehouses, and set up required fields to ensure data completeness. This is also where user-defined system defaults and facility defaults are set up and maintained.


Customer Service streamlines communication by automatically sending email confirmations of work requests and completions to the requester. The included Customer Service Survey allows customers to rate the service provided.


Create a simple or complex security system by controlling data access with 26 levels of user-defined security. Access can be controlled by facility, component, file, toolbar function, and data fields – all with one configuration set to the user logon.


Easily configure over 90 included reports, with little or no training, to transform data into powerful information.  Every included report offers numerous filters, sorts, sub-sorts, and data parameters.  Once a report is configured, it can also be used to quickly run recurring reports.  Data can be presented in three formats – detailed for analytical purposes, summary for a management overview, and VIP for an executive view.  AIMS reports can be saved, printed, or e-mailed.


Export Data

Export data easily and efficiently to Excel, csv, and xml.  You can select fields and move as much or as little data as needed to standard Excel spreadsheets and graphs.


Global Change

Global Change allows you to update entire groups of information at once.  Globally change PM Schedules, location, risk, and many other fields.


List View

View a list of Work Orders, Equipment, PM Schedules, Inspection Templates, Contracts, and Parts on screen by selecting which fields will be included in the display and sorting/sub-sorting using those fields.  This feature can also be used to export data to Excel, csv, or xml.