Coming Soon…AIMS Webinars!

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Coming Soon...AIMS Webinars!

**Excerpt from the February 2016 Edition of the AIMS Advisor


AIMS Webinars are live bi-monthly seminars for HTM professionals. The webinars will discuss topics important to AIMS users ranging from industry trends, CMMS solutions, and how you can use AIMS to meet your objectives.


Our first webinar, Automated Reporting, will focus on how untimely and missed data may be costing your department, and how to overcome it. Laura Noreus, AIMS Technical Support Specialist, will show you why this may be occurring and demonstrate solutions to prevent it from happening in the future.


Email invitations will be sent soon with the date and time of our first webinar.


If you have any ideas for future webinars and would like to share your ideas comment below or email Samantha St. Pierre at


The Webinars will be facilitated by Onstream Media and available to registered users. If you would like to know more about Onstream Media, visit their website ( or click here and view the participant user guide.

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