Ensuring Better Data

Monitors with data streaming from light - Ensuring Better Data.

Ensuring Better Data

You may be all too familiar with the fact that numerous technicians and administrators use your CMMS every day and enter data throughout each day.  This can result in a vast amount of misspelled, missing, repetitive, and inaccurate data, which can make reporting a nightmare.  By now, your department has probably come up with techniques that help you combat such issues, but this process is likely a long and tedious event that leaves your administrators scrambling when it comes time to report to regulatory bodies. AIMS 3 makes it easy to get consistent medical device data.

Well what if your CMMS had an innate way to prevent this problem altogether? (It does… well AIMS does)

Below are 4 questions and answers about an AIMS innovation – Valid Entry Safeguards:

1. What exactly are “Valid Entry Safeguards”?
Valid Entry Safeguards is a term coined by Phoenix that simply refers to fields that have user-defined, user-populated drop-down lists for key data points, such as equipment types and manufacturer/models.


2. What does this mean?
It means that AIMS 3 protects organizations from non-standard data entry to ensure your data conventions and ultimately increase the quality of your data. This is accomplished by allowing users to set up pre-defined naming conventions in your medical equipment set up process. By using drop down lists, it is easy to select the correct entry.


3. How will this affect your organization?
Only positively! Gone are the days of searching work orders and equipment records to make sure you have found all of the defibrillators made by GE (i.e., GE defibrillator, G.E. defibrillator, ge defibrillator, etc. including the ones that may be misspelled in your system). Better data equals better reporting.


4. How does this guarantee long-term consistent data?
AIMS is equipped with 26 user-defined levels of security. As such, you have the ability to prevent unauthorized access to your data by setting up who can view, add, edit, and delete by user or user role.

Remember: Your CMMS System is Only as Good as the Data you Enter!

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  • Shayur Maharaj says:
    September 23, 2020 Reply

    This was a very insightful article. I look forward to reading more posts on here.

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