Better Insight Into Your CMMS Data With Superior Analytics

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If you can’t see it – You can’t measure it

There has been no set of standards or way to centralize data collection across the healthcare industry. There was no way to compare your metrics to other hospital systems to gain insight or validation… Until now.

Superior Analytics designed an approach that works with virtually any CMMS. Our analytic reports are built on a solid foundation from over 1,700 hospital engineering departments, with over 8 million devices, approximately 11 million work orders, and over $1.2 billion of tech labor. With these reports you will finally SEE your organization’s reality and MEASURE your efficiency both internally and across the industry. Superior can provide unmatched insight into your HTM operation, which will provide you:

Cost Savings – The Superior Analytics Vision Pack is designed to help you quickly reveal potential labor savings based on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI). For example, the duration and frequency of PM/CM work orders compared to industry standards.

We can provide you with performance by location, technician, equipment or department, allowing you to optimize FTE count and improve labor efficiency. Gross Labor Differential (GLD), a Superior Analytics innovation, functions like an x-ray to expose potential savings by standardizing labor rates across the country.

Benchmarking – Superior provides a totally confidential yet detailed comparison against industry standards using our massive database. This will show how your HTM departments’ performance ranks against many KPIs so you understand how your department or hospital ranks among the industry.

With the Superior Vision Pack you will see a high level view of problem areas. Different dimensions of your data are contrasted to expose GLD hot spots worth investigating. Some of these dimensions include: Device-Group, Failure-Type, Facility, and Model.

Clean & Normalize Your Data – Superior can clean up your CMMS database by comparing your equipment data for manufacturers, model names & numbers and device types to our proprietary database of over 8 million vetted devices. Most hospitals have devise data that is only 48% accurate. We typically can increase this percentage to over 80 percent, based on the quality of your data. Do you know where your hospital stands with this metric?

Better Buying Decisions – Make more informed medical device purchases with the knowledge of which devices provide the best, longest lasting performance. If you have six different brands of defibrillators, Superior can show you which one had the fewest work orders and the lowest maintenance cost.

Easier Budgeting – Create an annual budget based on actual labor requirements using standardized PM/CM times needed to maintain your specific device inventory. Also, gain insight into appropriate scheduled PM frequencies based on industry practices that we identify from our massive amount of industry data.

Flexible Pricing and Guaranteed Return – Superior Analytics pays for itself in cost savings opportunities. Prices are based only on what you need or want and can be a one-time report or an ongoing program. Best of all the price is fully guaranteed – If we don’t identify at least 2x your cost in potential savings, we will provide the service for FREE!

For more information please visit our Superior Analytics page where you can set up an analysis of your hospital’s data.

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