The Power of Interfaces

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The Power of Interfaces

Interfaces are one of the most powerful tools for CMMS users to date.  Below are 5 key benefits that occur when you integrate interfaces with your CMMS.

1. Interfaces expand the use of your CMMS

Simply put interfaces serve as gateways to other applications.  You have direct access to the interfaces from your CMMS so you can easily share and update data both in and out of your CMMS.

2. Interfaces automate processes

With the implementation of an interface, you can reduce human error by eliminating manual and duplicate data entry in favor of electronic data transmission.

3. Interfaces increase productivity

By sharing data between applications, you no longer need to wait for data to be entered in your system in order to react to an issue or make a decision.  Data will update in real-time allowing your organization to operate more efficiently.

4. Interfaces are versatile

Interfaces can be created for any application your organization desires or currently uses.  They span a variety of industries including procurement applications, inventory systems, equipment testing, time keeping, and more.

5. Interfaces are customizable

Interfaces have the power to be completely customizable.  CMMS providers can customize interfaces based on how your data needs to be validated, shared, and managed — and how your CMMS is configured within your organization.

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