Inspection Templates: Necessary Not Optional

Man with pen writing on clipboard - Inspection Templates.

Inspection Templates: Necessary - Not Optional

With decreasing budgets and increasing regulations, standardized, efficient processes are vital to HTM department operations. In fact, nothing is more important than ensuring accurate and timely maintenance align with efficient use of technicians’ time. To achieve this in your HTM department, you need a comprehensive way to generate work orders, keep track of equipment trends, and provide step-by-step interactive procedure plans for technicians in the case of current and/or potential equipment failures.

The most strategic means of accomplishing this department-wide is through internal, user-defined, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) checklists, such as AIMS Inspection Templates.

Ensure Standard Procedures

With easy-to-use, fully-customizable task list templates, Inspection Templates allow managers and technicians to tie together interactive, step-by-step procedures and work orders in order to make PM and CM procedures more manageable. Technicians gain the ability to capture data, based on equipment type and/or model, at the point of service using a list of questions accessed from a work order. User-generated templates allow responses to be equipment and organization specific in terms of rank (on a scale of 1-10), value (customizable range), and text (free form), ensuring reporting aligns with your department operations.

Enhance your Inspections

Not only will procedure checklists allow technicians to maximize efficiency, current and potential equipment failures become easier to complete. Within your department, you will gain increased accessibility in order to streamline your existing equipment maintenance procedures and trend tracking capabilities. Technicians no longer need to remember many different and complex equipment procedures, resulting in increased inspection and reporting accuracy through standardized responses within your CMMS.

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