4 Reasons to Visit Us at MD Expo Orlando

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4 Reasons to Visit Us as MD Expo Orlando

1. Discover Why AIMS is Considered the Most Comprehensive and User-Friendly CMMS in Healthcare

AIMS users are empowered by the vast array of features and functions specific to HTM maintenance that allow them to transform their engineering departments.  Since its creation in 1984, AIMS has been the preferred CMMS solution among healthcare professionals throughout the world.


2. Preview our Newest Products and Enhancements

Come take a sneak peek at our newest enhancements in AIMS and our newest groundbreaking product, Superior Analytics. Superior Analytics is Phoenix’ proprietary software that quickly analyzes your CMMS to provide you with relevant data in order to determine the performance of your department in key areas. It also uses our own MDX2 database to clean and normalize customers’ medical devices’ manufacturer, model name, model number and equipment type nomenclature.


3. Take AIMS Mobile for a Test Drive

Harness the power of AIMS Mobile and experience the ability to perform tasks in the field with real-time access to AIMS.


4. Learn How we Have Perfected Implementation Operations for New Users

Many CMMS deployments can take months and months before you even begin to see results. However, we’ve perfected our implementation so you can start seeing results in as little as 30 days. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself.

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