3 Reasons Why you Need Automated Reporting in your Facility

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3 Reasons Why you Need Automated Reporting in your Facility

1. Quick and Easy Access to Information

In today’s healthcare environment the sharing of information across departments, individuals, and managers is critical.  The timeliness of knowing what is happening sets the foundation for acting on issues before they become problems.  With automated reporting, such as the Optional Component Morning News, you will have high-quality, consistent information at your fingertips.


2. Saving Time Increases the Efficiency and Value of your Department

Users reap the benefits of automated reporting instantly.  Gone are the days of manually running reports and waiting for the information to be delivered.  With the generation of timely, recurring information and automatic delivery, you’ll always have the appropriate information to solve issues before they become problems.


3. Automated Reporting is for Everyone

Any and all departments who use AIMS can benefit from the automated reporting component, Morning News.  With a simple, one-time setup, users will begin receiving critical information immediately.  Thus, streamlining the flow of information between technicians, administrators, managers, directors, and the C-Suite.

So, What is the Automated Reporting Component, Morning News?

Morning News allows users to schedule and automatically generate reports at recurring intervals.  The reports can be configured based on the time (i.e., last week, last month) and content (i.e., PM completion rates, equipment downtime) that is critical for your operations.  The reports are then delivered to designated printers and/or emails at a specific time.

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