10 Reasons your Organization Needs to go Mobile

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10 Reasons your Organization Needs to go Mobile

Smart phones and mobile devices have revolutionized the way we consume information, enjoy entertainment, and communicate with each other – and it’s no different for the healthcare industry. Whether you’re talking to coworkers or service providers, mobile options are transforming the future of healthcare.


If you’ve been thinking about taking your CMMS mobile, now is the time. Mobile devices have the ability drastically change the way you conduct your equipment procedures by maximizing cost savings, increasing employee productivity, enhancing procedure efficiencies, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

These 10 reasons showcase why equipping your CMMS with mobile capabilities will enhance the way your organization operates.

1. Open work orders, complete maintenance procedures, use and/or order parts, close work orders, and move onto the next tasks, all without needing to return to a centralized location


2. Keep technicians in the field where they are most productive, spending less time in transit and more time working


3. Instantly call up the complete history of an asset’s usage, maintenance, inspection schedule, and associated data, from anywhere in the field


4. Eliminate duplicate data entry and minimize the risk of lost data and information by inputting data at the point of inspection


5. Gain the ability to go paperless thereby eliminating the downtime and inefficiencies associated with paper work orders and backlogs


6. Instantly updated data allows you to manage your operation in real-time with up to date information for critical decision support


7. Give technicians the ability to continue working even when online access is not available – information will sync as soon as Wi-Fi is available


8. Improve accuracy and completeness of information with the ability to fully document safety and regulatory compliance at the job site


9. Put actionable data into the hands of technicians, part warehouse staff, and management – whenever or wherever it’s needed


10. Ensure procedures are completed correctly by incorporating Inspection Templates with your mobile devices. Technicians will no longer need to rely on memory or potentially incomplete paper listings for PM procedures.


Combine all these mobile capabilities and save your technicians an average of 30 minutes per day!

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    This was a very insightful article. I look forward to reading more posts on here.

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