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Cloud Solutions


AIMS in the Cloud


The AIMS cloud-computing solution provides secure and rapid scalability without compromising security, or dependability.  Whether you are running your AIMS applications for a single user or for the entire enterprise, AIMS cloud-computing gives you flexibility at an affordable cost.


The AIMS Cloud allows you to access servers, databases, and AIMS Core and Optional Components, anywhere in the world.  We manage your software including version upgrades and enhancements, allowing you to focus on your core business.  With cloud-computing, you acquire increased flexibility allowing you to cost-effectively evolve and adapt your cloud to your future needs.

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AIMS Advantage in the Cloud

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Access AIMS from anywhere in the world

Your AIMS software will reside on our secure servers ensuring

premium data security

Eliminate large upfront hardware costs and future hardware


End the guessing game: we eliminate the need for your IT

department to guess capacity requirements

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Increase Speed and Agility: All version updates and enhancements

are installed by our IT Specialists, resulting in a dramatic increase in agility for your organization

Trade capital expenses for predictable monthly hosting fees

Daily data backups are performed to ensure premium data


AIMS provides a unified IT team, selected for you as a single point

of contact for IT issues

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AIMS IT Management Strategy


With our IT Management strategy, you host AIMS on your server and we provide you with a team to manage all of your AIMS applications, in both testing and production environments.

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Your IT Management Advantage


Complete application monitoring including:

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Upgrades for all standard version releases and enhancements

Installation of future AIMS Optional Components

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Offer recommendations for customers’ database environment to

provide optimum results

Analysis of application improvement opportunities